Want to transform your mind, body, and spirit? Try hula hooping!

Over the years, I tried many different types of exercises, but I never found anything as amazing as hula hooping! Before I discovered hooping, I was far from being considered a “fitness person” – traditional fitness routines were boring and I lacked the motivation to get into them. But hula hooping completely changed that! Hula hooping helped me lose weight, take control of my health, and improve my attitude toward fitness.

Denali National Park, Alaska 2Hula hooping provides a full body workout that is fun and effective! Not only can you burn over 420 calories an hour, but you can also enhance your self-confidence, improve your coordination, and relieve your stress.

Think you can’t hula hoop? That’s okay! I couldn’t hoop when I started either! But I was determined to learn, and figuring it out felt so rewarding. I truly believe that everyone can learn to hula hoop if they know the right techniques, have the right size hoop, and give it some time.

I have been teaching hula hoop fitness classes for over five years and I love sharing my hoop love with others! I am certified in Hoopnotica Fit, Method 1, and Hoopdance Level 2.

~Kristyn Muller, Hooper Evolution Owner & Instructor