About Hooper Evolution:
Hooper Evolution workshops/classes utilize hula hoop dance and fitness moves, on and off the body, to create a fun and effective low impact, full-body workout. No experience is necessary; with proper instruction, anyone can hula hoop! Hooper Evolution workshops/classes are designed for adults of any age. All of the dance and fitness moves can be taken at your own pace.

Kristyn, the Hooper Evolution owner and instructor, is certified in Hoopnotica Fit, Hoopnotica Method 1, and Hoopnotica Hoopdance 2. Hoopnotica is “the global leader in hoop fitness.” Their thorough curriculum is designed to “help men and women around the world achieve their fitness goals while discovering the pure, playful joy of hula hooping” (www.hoopnotica.com).

19Benefits of Hula Hooping:
Research shows that hula hooping burns about 420 calories an hour! Click here to learn more about the study. Hula hooping can also enhance your self confidence, improve your coordination, reduce stress, and increase your overall wellness.